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NASC process for changing RespOrg

Sometimes it becomes necessary to utilize the Number Administration Service Center (NASC) to port, or move, your RespOrg to a new provider. This can be caused when a previous RespOrg will not transfer a toll-free number to a new carrier. Often, a current RespOrg can reject the transfer through the SMS800 process for legitimate reasons (such as billing issues) or simply to stall the process.

However, if the business that uses the number is in jeopardy of losing its 800 number or sales because of the number potentially being disconnected, NASCing is a way of forcing the process through. The new carrier submits paperwork to SMS and, for a fee, the number is moved without the cooperation of the current carrier. This can be a very effective means of changing RespOrg carriers. Unfortunately, there are some potential pitfalls. First, the company must weigh the costs behind this process because there is a per-number fee. This could be very costly if you are looking to port a large quantity of numbers. Second, there is nothing to stop the current carrier from NASCing the number(s) back.  While this is rarely done, it can happen.

NASCing usually takes 24 hours for numbers that are blocked or non-operational and seven to ten days for numbers that are in service.

Managing your 800 number

Whether your company is managing a single 800 number or several hundred toll-free numbers, you need to make sure that your number is ringing when and where it needs to so that the right person is answering and the right services are being provided in a timely manner. The process of managing and routing toll free calls is critically important and your RespOrg can be very instrumental in helping with this. That is why it is important to know about your RespOrg and what it can do for you.

What do you know about your RespOrg?

Quite often the RespOrg is simply the same company that provides toll-free phone service. However, by going with an independent RespOrg you could potentially experience big savings.

Here are some questions you might want to consider:

If you have a RespOrg currently, can you name the company?

Do you know what services the company provides you?

Do you know what potential services the RespOrg could provide should your needs change?

Did you know you can choose your RespOrg or change your RespOrg if you need to?

There are hundreds of companies to choose from, find a RespOrg that fits you.

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